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Hello, my name is Tony and I'm the king of trash. I don't work in the trash disposal business myself, but I grew up helping my uncle work in his garbage disposal business. I would spend every weekend riding around in his truck collecting bins and other waste from residential and business properties. I really enjoyed the experience and I learnt lots of useful garbage disposal tips. Although I eventually went to university and got a boring office job, I never forgot the thrill of collecting those skip bins. I decided to start this blog so I could pass on advice to others.



What is the Future of Waste Removal in Australia?

Recent research indicates that Australia sends more than 20 million tonnes of garbage to landfills each year. This statement sent shocks to so many people who never gave a second thought to where trash goes after the truck picks it up from your home. Waste management is an important part of life and business and will continue to be. If you didn't know yet, several scenarios happen to the trash that's picked up from your home. Read More 

Why Your Hired Rubbish Bin May Not Be Collected on the Scheduled Day

Contractors that provide homeowners and businesses with rubbish (or skip) bins for hire usually take on the job of delivering the bins to their clients and collecting them from the renters after use. But there are a number of situations when the rubbish bin provider may decline to pick up a used bin from a renter and instead stick a tag on the bin indicating the reason for the missed collection. Read More 

Five Tips for Throwing Out Sharp Objects Safely

Sharp objects can wreck havoc on your rubbish strategy. Blades and tips can cut through bin liners, causing rubbish to spill all over the floor, or employees and cleaners may get hurt handling bags with sharp objects in them. If you run a business where you have to dispose of sharp objects, you need to take steps to dispose of them safely. 1. Take Sharp Items Directly to the Skip Read More 

How to Have a Successful Spring Clean Purge in the Office

Your office or other such commercial facility may do well to have a good cleanout once per year, if not more often. This can help you and your staff purge unnecessary files and documents as well as other items around the office, catch up on inventory of any items that may need counting and give the space a thorough cleaning. Note a few tips for how to conduct a successful spring clean purge in your office and ensure that your cleanout gets done properly. Read More