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Hello, my name is Tony and I'm the king of trash. I don't work in the trash disposal business myself, but I grew up helping my uncle work in his garbage disposal business. I would spend every weekend riding around in his truck collecting bins and other waste from residential and business properties. I really enjoyed the experience and I learnt lots of useful garbage disposal tips. Although I eventually went to university and got a boring office job, I never forgot the thrill of collecting those skip bins. I decided to start this blog so I could pass on advice to others.



Why Your Hired Rubbish Bin May Not Be Collected on the Scheduled Day

Contractors that provide homeowners and businesses with rubbish (or skip) bins for hire usually take on the job of delivering the bins to their clients and collecting them from the renters after use. But there are a number of situations when the rubbish bin provider may decline to pick up a used bin from a renter and instead stick a tag on the bin indicating the reason for the missed collection.

Read on to familiarise yourself with some of the top reasons why the collection crew of most rubbish bin contractors often leave some bins behind when they are picking up others. This way, you can avoid committing blunders that may cause your hired bin not to be picked up on the scheduled date. 

Overfilling your bin

Hired skip bins must never be overfilled, but this is something that happens most of the time, especially when users underestimate the volume of waste they need removed from their properties, or simply think that there is nothing wrong with filling a smaller size bin beyond the brim. They are later on unhappy to learn that there bin wasn't taken away.

The surest way to avoid overfilling your bin is to choose a bin whose size is equal to or greater than the volume of your rubbish. If you do not know how to estimate the volume of your waste, feel free to consult your bin provider before jumping into making your order. 

Overloading your bin

Another mistake you should avoid when using a rented rubbish bin is overloading it. Usually, each rubbish bin has a specific load capacity, which must never be exceeded. If the contents of your bin are too heavy, the collection crew staff won't haul it away. They will simply put a tag or sticker on the bin explaining that your bin can't be picked up because it is overloaded.

Putting unacceptable items in your bin

There are good reasons as to why skip bin providers ask you not to put any other type of waste in your rented bin other than the one specified. When different kinds of waste items are mixed up together, they get contaminated, and this may make it difficult to recycle or upcycle some of the waste. 

Aside from that, some waste items, such as lead acid car batteries and asbestos-containing materials, are hazardous in nature, and should therefore not be disposed of together with non-hazardous waste, like general and green waste. When the collection crew checks the contents of your bin and learn that you have put unwanted waste items there, they won't take it away.