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Hello, my name is Tony and I'm the king of trash. I don't work in the trash disposal business myself, but I grew up helping my uncle work in his garbage disposal business. I would spend every weekend riding around in his truck collecting bins and other waste from residential and business properties. I really enjoyed the experience and I learnt lots of useful garbage disposal tips. Although I eventually went to university and got a boring office job, I never forgot the thrill of collecting those skip bins. I decided to start this blog so I could pass on advice to others.



Key Considerations When Selecting Placement Spots for Rental Skip Bins

Skip bins are an excellent way to keep your business premises clean and healthy for the sake of employees and customers. Although you can buy skip bins, the best option is to hire. The latter option saves space and significantly reduces cleanup time. That said, most startup businesses are unaware that skip bin hire comes with specific requirements regarding placement. The last thing you want is to hire a skip bin only to find out that you must pay a hefty fine for violation of placement rules. This article looks at three things you should keep in mind regarding the placement of rental skip bins.


When you hire a skip bin, a rental company delivers it to your business premises based on your guidelines. However, you must ensure that the designated location for a skip bin is free of hazards before the container arrives. For instance, does the location have low-hanging tree branches, power lines, traffic, or pedestrians? If the answer to such questions is yes, you should keep looking for another spot to place a rental skip bin. Notably, obstructions like power lines can cause accidents and attract hefty fines from local authorities. Similarly, placing a skip bin near traffic routes increases the chances of collisions, which is the last thing you want near your premises. Most importantly, ensure that the location you choose to place a rental skip is hazard-free.


The location you choose for a rental skip bin determines the extent of damage caused to the spot. For example, if you place a skip bin on a lawn, the chances are high that the grass underneath the container will die gradually. On the other hand, placing a bin too close to the walls of a building increases the risk of scratches and dents. In this regard, you should choose a location that significantly minimises the chances of accidental damage. For instance, if you must place a bin on your lawn, raise it with wooden or metal planks so that the base does not rest on the grass.


Does the garbage removal company have to walk inside your building to access a skip bin? Access is critical to garbage collection, and it is mainly determined by skip bin placement. The last thing you should do is choose a placement spot randomly, making access a nightmare for rubbish removal staff and employees who want to dispose of waste. Therefore, choose a location that makes a skip bin accessible to all parties involved.

Once you've found a spot, reach out to a professional who can arrive your skip bin hire