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Hello, my name is Tony and I'm the king of trash. I don't work in the trash disposal business myself, but I grew up helping my uncle work in his garbage disposal business. I would spend every weekend riding around in his truck collecting bins and other waste from residential and business properties. I really enjoyed the experience and I learnt lots of useful garbage disposal tips. Although I eventually went to university and got a boring office job, I never forgot the thrill of collecting those skip bins. I decided to start this blog so I could pass on advice to others.



Two Tips for Those Who Have Decided to Use a Rubbish Removal Service for Their De-Cluttering Project

If you expect your upcoming de-cluttering project to generate a lot of refuse and have decided to use a rubbish removal service to help you dispose of this refuse, you may want to bear the following tips in mind.

Ask the company to collect the rubbish regularly throughout the project

A major de-cluttering project often takes several days or weeks. If you are confident that your project will go on for quite a while and have decided to get the rubbish generated by this project collected by a rubbish removal company, then you should arrange for them to pick up your bags of refuse regularly throughout this process, rather than asking them to pick all of it up in one fell swoop at the end.

The reason for this is as follows; if you allow the rubbish to build up to high levels whilst you are de-cluttering, two problems could arise. First and foremost, you may find it increasingly difficult to access and use the areas of your property where the rubbish bags are being stored.

Secondly, if the rubbish includes any unsanitary items (such as mould-covered objects or perishable foods that came from de-cluttering your fridge or freezer), then leaving them on your property for an extended period of time could not only make your home malodorous, but could also increase the risk of a rodent infestation developing (as rodents may be drawn towards your home by the smells emanating from the rubbish bags).

Stow bags of rubbish far away from items that you intend to donate or recycle

Your de-cluttering project will probably result in you discovering lots of items that you want to recycle or donate to charity, as well as ones that you need to throw away.

If possible, the bags of refuse that you fill up should be kept in a separate area from the bags that are filled with items that you plan to recycle or donate.

The reason for this is as follows; if you keep all of these goods in the same place, it is possible that when the employees from the rubbish removals company come to your home, you may end up accidentally giving the bags of recycling or items that you intended to give to charity (particularly if these things have been put into bags that are the same colour and size as the ones used to pack up your refuse).

As such, it is best to keep your bags of refuse far away from any goods that are to be donated or recycled.